The University Grants Commission (UGC) has recognized S.S Memorial College, Ranchi as ‘College with Potential for Excellence’. The college aims at:

  • Activating thirst of learning among students.
  • Benefitting students from the latest advances of education. 
  • Creating an institutional environment where the creativity of all individuals can thrive.
  • Developing the intellectual, moral, and practical foundations among students. 
  • Designing curriculum in such a way that meets the need of the hour. 
  • Educating predominantly full-time Under Graduates and Post Graduates who are eager to engage actively in the learning process.
  • Facilitating an intellectual culture wherein teachers and students get acquainted with issues which need proper attention for all round development of the society.
  • Guiding students so that they become great academic leaders.
  • Honoring teachers for their extraordinary contribution in academic field.
  • Inspiring students and teachers alike to develop qualities like honesty, discipline, accountability, transparency, reliability, punctuality, personal presentation, productivity, positive relationships and responsibility.
  • Joint collaboration of the college and other social institutions so that the society gets optimum benefit for getting developed in each and every context.
  • Knocking all the possible doors that would help in developing the infrastructure of the college. However, self-respect of the college would be preserved at any cost.  
  • Leading the society.
  • Motivating students to become an asset and not liability for any institution.
  • Nurturing human values among students.       
  • Offering an excellent and supportive atmosphere for study and research activities.
  • Preparing liberally educated graduates to continue their quest for knowledge and to make the choices required of informed, responsible citizens.
  • Promoting equity and excellence in education and overcoming the gap in educational access and achievement between the most and least advantaged groups.
  • Promoting strong work ethics.
  • Quoting quotations of great leaders by teachers while teaching is on so that learners, who are makers of future, draw inspiration from them for becoming successful citizen.   
  • Receiving suggestions from all corners of the society.
  • Supporting those who are willing and highly committed to reach the highest level of skills and competence in their discipline concerned.
  • Toiling for creating a challenging yet supportive environment that cultivates students’ intellectual and personal excellence, encouraging them to expand their expectations of themselves while they enrich their academic understanding.
  • Unbiased approach while resolving issues and problems.
  • Venerating society members who had contributed something or the other for the college.
  • Watching minutely the needs and requirements of the teachers and the students so that the learning process doesn’t get derailed.

Our Vision

Efforts sans vision never yield desired result. A person without vision only invites sufferings and criticism from all corners. Same is the case with educational institutions. Their success depends highly on vision, determination, perseverance, ambition and discipline of the person at the helm of affairs.

As the VC of the DSPMU, my thoughts are always about how to build, upgrade and elevate the intellectual, cultural and moral capabilities of the personnel of the college. Here is the vision for the college:

  • Academic freedom will be given to all the staff and students to engage into intellectual discourse and critical enquiry without fear and favour.
  • Build a positive image and reputation for the college with all role players and stakeholders.
  • Come up with such educational programmes that promote innovation and improve quality of life by responding to local, national and social needs.
  • Documentation of the achievements of the students who have completed their studies from this college and now serving the society.
  • Encourage teachers for applying for more and more Minor and Major Research Projects.
  • Ensure the facilitation of an intellectual culture that serves the cause of the society and promotes pursuit of knowledge across a broad spectrum of discipline.
  • Focus on careful stewarding and enhancing of resources entrusted to the institution.
  • Guarantee for prudent management of the college resources.
  • Hard work for capacity building of students, teachers and officers alike. 
  • Involve students in sports equally as in academics.
  • Introduce performance based appraisal system for all staff of the University to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.
  • Inculcate social responsibilities among teachers, officers, students and other staff members of the university. We also intend to inculcate human values such as honesty and discipline among the stakeholders. 
  • Keep the students stress free and instil belief in them that they are capable of accomplishing any task no matter how daunting it might be.
  • Launch special scholarship programmes for those in need.
  • Make college a rewarding workplace in which all the students and staff are encouraged to excel academically and are enabled to enhance their academic skills, develop their professional career and realise their own hidden potential.
  • Nurture talented students.
  • New vistas of research and learning for faculty and students will be opened.
  • Provide scientific teaching aid to the teachers.
  • Put all efforts to educate, equip and inspire the creative leaders of tomorrow through well laid policies.
  • Strengthen Alumni/University linkages through enhanced participation of the alumni in college affairs and joint programmes such as Annual alumni lecture, Distinguished Alumni award, Distinguished Young Alumni award and Alumni Chair etc.
  • Try to make higher education more attractive for students.
  • Uphold financial discipline, which is must for running college smoothly.
  • Work for quality assurance in all spheres of college life.